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October 2004 Odd Wisconsin

Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Dateline: Oct. 31, any year. Halloween seems so cheerful and pleasant these days, but there was a time when Wisconsin children really were afraid of haunted houses. See for yourself in our collection of Wisconsin Local History and Biography Articles....
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Posted in Curiosities on October 29, 2004

Famous Footwear

Dateline: Wilmington, Del., Oct. 27, 1938. On this date, the Du Pont corporation announced the invention of nylon, a textile fabric that so widely used for women's stockings that it became synonymous with them. What did people wear on their feet and legs before synthetics? These images from our Museum's online Children's Clothing Collection show some of the choices. Browse...
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Posted in Children on October 26, 2004

Election Night, 1948

Dateline: American's living rooms, Nov. 2, 1948. We've become so used to sophisticated media campaigns that it's easy to forget how primitive the coverage of elections used to be. This photo shows the studio in Chicago where the first broadcast of presidential election returns originated. Note the high-tech data management system at upper left....
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Posted in Curiosities on October 21, 2004

O My Gourd!

Dateline: town of Burke, Nov. 6, 1931. Albert Larson, a resident of rural Burke, drove this behemoth into Madison as the Great Depression made increasing numbers of city dwellers poor. Even the Tin Lizzie's at far left must have been more efficient than this method of vegetable transport (with which we inaugurated Odd Wisconsin some months ago)....
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Posted in Curiosities on October 18, 2004

Presidential Debates: Nixon & Kennedy

Dateline: America's living rooms, Sept. 26, 1960. This famous television program is thought by many people to mark the beginning of the end of serious political debate in the U.S. In front of the TV cameras, Kennedy's charming manners and good looks thoroughly out-classed Nixon's two-dimensional, somber exterior. The former vice-president went home to California, surrounded himself with public relations...
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Posted in Curiosities on October 12, 2004

Presidential Debates: Lincoln & Douglass Recalled

Dateline: Freeport, Ill., Aug. 26, 1858. Wisconsin editor Martin Rindlaub was on hand that day to hear the two famous candidates go at it. In this interview he compares the polished eloquence of Stephen Douglass with Honest Abe's humble but sincere approach. The Society owns several copies of the transcripts of these famous debates, including one inscribed by Lincoln to...
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Posted in Odd Lives on October 8, 2004

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