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September 2005 Odd Wisconsin

Lard Corner, or Crisco Systems, Inc.

The continuing struggle among Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft to corner the search market is just one among many occuring as the Web continues to grow. We read last night, for example, that SanDisk is about to release SD memory cards in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB sizes to drive Samsung's mini hard drives out of the market for portable devices, and...
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Posted in Curiosities on September 29, 2005

Intelligent Design

No, not the debate over the origin of the universe -- the debate over the origin of ugliness. You may recall that earlier this year, thanks to the quick thinking and generosity of Society supporters, we were able to acquire on eBay a unique album of photographs showing Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin being built. Since then we have been acquiring...
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Posted in Curiosities on September 25, 2005

"New" Civil War Photos

Years ago, Society archivists housed historic images about popular subjects in albums. Several of these albums contain pictures of the Civil War, and in recent weeks staff have been publishing them on the Web for the first time. They include many images made durng the war itself, or immediately after -- often faded, chipped, or otherwise in less-than-perfect condition after...
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Posted in on September 17, 2005

Political Pendulums

Last night the president outlined the federal government's plan for coping with the greatest natural disaster in U.S. history: "state and local leaders will have the primary role of planning for their own future," he said, rejecting large-scale federal activism such as the Tennessee Valley Authority or the Marshall Plan. While he did commit the U.S. government to paying the...
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Posted in Curiosities on September 16, 2005

1918: Mob Rule Crushes Conscience

On Sept. 14, 1918, 200 people surrounded the Clark Co. home of Mrs. Caroline Krueger and her sons, who refused to serve in the First World War. "They said that if the war was in this country they would be among the first to volunteer," reported a neighbor. "They declared however that it was not right to send American soldiers...
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Posted in Curiosities on September 13, 2005

They're a Young Team, After All

We're told that 23 of the Green Bay Packers have less than two years of NFL experience, which helps explain the 14 penalties they committed yesterday in Detroit. They're merely kids who make Brett Favre's football history seem positively antediluvian. But Wisconsin football history dates back at least to 1894, when 156-pound Ikey Karel broke away from a crowded field...
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Posted in Odd Lives on September 11, 2005

A Community of Refugees

The Gulf Cost residents displaced by hurricane Katrina this week are the latest in a long tradition of people who came to Wisconsin to start new lives. With a few exceptions, we are a community of immigrants transplanted here under dire circumstances. The earliest immigrants recorded in Wisconsin historical texts came 350 years ago, when wars in the Northeast drove...
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Posted in Odd Lives on September 8, 2005

Remember Rennebohmís Lunch Counters?

Well, 35 years ago photographer Chuck Patch and his friend Steven Kimbrough embarked on a gustatorial odyssey: to eat breakfast and take a photograph in every Rennebohmís in the Madison area. Their pictures bring back the ambiance, evoke the smells, detail the formica tabletops and the plastic trays, and preserve customers and staff for posterity. Who are these people staring...
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Posted in Curiosities on September 6, 2005

Troops Called in To Preserve Order

No, not in New Orleans but here in Wisconsin. In Port Washington during draft riots in 1862, at Bay View during a labor demonstration in 1886, in Milwaukee during an epidemic in 1895, in Oshkosh during a strike in 1898, and in Madison during Vietnam War protests. For more on the early history of the Wisconsin National Guard, see our...
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Posted in Curiosities on September 2, 2005

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