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December 2006 Odd Wisconsin

Odd Vacation

As 2006 winds down, the staff who distract you from more important things with these little anecdotes are taking a few days to hibernate. After nearly three years of uninterrupted historical nonsense, it's time for reruns here at Odd Wisconsin. If you're one of the hundreds of people who enjoy reading it and don't want to go without your usual...
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Posted in on December 28, 2006

If Nautical Nonsense Be Something You Wish...*

...then consider the first attempt to run a steamboat up the Fox River. This occured in the summer of 1843, when Capt. Peter Hotaling piloted the stern-wheeler Black Hawk across the Great Lakes from Buffalo in the hope of starting commercial service from Green Bay to Lake Winnebago. The Fox River falls about 160 feet as it rushes down from...
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Posted in Bizarre Events on December 11, 2006

American Icons through Indian Eyes, 1830

When the Oneida and other Indian nations were dispossessed of their homelands in the Northeast, government officials attempted to settle them on the Wisconsin frontier. They began negotiating for Menominee and Ho-Chunk lands in 1821, but revisions, protests, and subsequent negotiations went on for more than a decade. During one of those disputes, the Menominee chief Grizzly Bear met with...
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Posted in Curiosities on December 4, 2006

Muskrat Pie for Christmas Dinner

During the winter of 1811, fur trader Thomas Gummersall Anderson was far from civilization, isolated with five French-Canadian helpers deep in the frozen forest of the northwest. They’d eaten all the migrating waterfowl shot the previous autumn, and the friendly Sioux hunters were all in the field collecting beaver pelts. But that didn’t keep the lonely little party from attempting...
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Posted in Animals on December 4, 2006

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