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February 2007 Odd Wisconsin

Add One Baby and Stir

Almost every day we add a dozen or two new photographs to our online collection, Wisconsin Historical Images. This means that peculiar pictures are published online fairly frequently. One can only wonder, for instance, what made this toddler's parents pose it in a mixing bowl. Or why Gov. Emanuel Philipp would have thought it politically wise to have his picture...
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Posted in Children on February 28, 2007

Accidental Polar Plunge

Last weekend's polar plunges in Oshkosh, Madison and other Wisconsin cities called to mind the involuntary dunkings of the workers who long ago harvested Wisconsin forests. Here, for example, is a recollection by John E. Nelligan (1852-1937), head of a logging crew in northeastern Wisconsin, concerning a novice lumberjack who got too near the edge of a jog jam in...
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Posted in Odd Lives on February 19, 2007

Budget Blues

Gov. Doyle’s proposal last night of a $50 billion state budget made us wonder what the first state budget looked like. When Wisconsin became a state on May 29, 1848, the fiscal and legal apparatus of Wisconsin Territory simply transferred over to the new state apparatus. Territorial lawmakers convened a week later as state officials, and the state commenced business...
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Posted in Curiosities on February 13, 2007

Behind the Scenes

Twice in the last two weeks we’ve had requests from readers asking us to explain where these odd stories come from. One came from a local historical society that invited us to deliver a talk on the subject. The other was from the editor of Columns, the Society’s newsletter for members (you might want to become a member if you’re...
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Posted in Curiosities on February 8, 2007

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