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October 2007 Odd Wisconsin

John Muir, Out-of-Touch Father

John Muir (1838-1914) was a rebellious child. When he grew up and had kids himself, they gave him a taste of his own medicine. His father was obsessively severe, and the young Muir was unusually creative. A clash between the generations in the Muir home was probably inevitable. But when at the end of his life Muir pilloried the old...
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Posted in Children on October 22, 2007

A Hill o' Beans

Last week's cool fall temperatures coincided with our last CSA delivery. This was brimming over with eccentricly mottled and gnarly squashes, the last hearty potatoes, and a 7-inch pie pumpkin. It set our minds running on those comforting winter meals that bake for hours while the snow flies, or coming home to a crockpot full of squash curry or baked...
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Posted in Curiosities on October 14, 2007

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