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February 2009 Odd Wisconsin

Aunt Mary Ann

Wisconsin's first doctor, in the sense of someone paid to heal the sick, was a woman of color known simply as Aunt Mary Ann to her Prairie du Chien patients. Her full name was Mary Ann Menard, though she had had two previous husbands before marrying Charles Menard, and raised more than a dozen children from the three marriages. Near...
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Posted in Odd Lives on February 18, 2009

Wisconsin's Oddest Governor

February 8 was the birthday of Nathaniel Tallmadge (1795-1864), Wisconsin's strangest chief executive. After serving as U.S. senator from New York, he was appointed governor of Wisconsin Territory in 1844. He served less than a year, though, losing the office when administrations changed in Washington. In addition to being a politician, Tallmadge was a medium who claimed to have many...
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Posted in Bizarre Events on February 8, 2009

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