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March 2009 Odd Wisconsin

Cranes Aloft & Underfoot

As the deep snow departed from Wisconsin fields this month, its place was taken by another sure sign of spring: migrating sandhill cranes. Driving from Milwaukee to Madison one March day we spotted no fewer than 24 -- a flock of 12 circling over a meadow in Waukesha Co., another 8 crossing above the highway in Jefferson Co., and two...
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Posted in Animals on March 18, 2009

Mohawk Indian or French Prince?

Eleazar Williams (1787-1858) is surely one of the oddest characters in Wisconsin history. He was born and raised among the Mohawk Indians and as a teenager attended the missionary school that would later become Dartmouth College. He became a Protestant missionary himself, and his intelligence and eloquence gave him entry into both Indian and white communities during the opening decades...
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Posted in Odd Lives on March 9, 2009

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