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November 2012 Odd Wisconsin

"Killed by Remorse"

In the summer of 1834, Rev. Cutting Marsh of Kaukauna journeyed across Wisconsin into Iowa, keeping a daily diary as he went. On the Mississippi he heard about the recent death of "a very wicked man" named Nadeau, whose fate was worthy of a story by Edgar Allan Poe. The Murder and the Haunting "It was said," Rev. Marsh wrote...
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Posted in Strange Deaths on November 28, 2012

A Pioneer Thanksgiving

In the township of Alto, in Fond du Lac County, a starving family truly had something to be grateful for in November 1850. In this memoir, James Pond recalls the destitution he and his family faced one Thanksgiving in his childhood, and how relief appeared from a most unexpected quarter. Pond went on to fight as a teenager with the...
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Posted in Curiosities on November 20, 2012

The Surrender & Captivity of Red Bird

In the summer of 1827, a handful of Ho-Chunk warriors were led by scheming rivals into attacking settlers near Prairie du Chien. On June 28th, a war chief named Red Bird and three companions carried out revenge killings of two French-Canadian farmers. Three days later, they fired on a passing keelboat, killing two of the crew and wounding several others....
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Posted in Curiosities on November 15, 2012

The Congressman's Gold Teeth

Isaac Van Schaick (1817-1901) came to Milwaukee in 1861 to help run his brother-in-law's flour mill. He got rich, and was well-liked; the secret to his success, he later said, was "being one of the boys." A Politician Liberal with His Money In 1871 the boys in Milwaukee persuaded him to run for the Common Council, and two years later...
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Posted in Odd Lives on November 7, 2012

Wisconsin's Oldest Resident?

This was long thought to have been Wisconsin pioneer Joseph Crelie, who was exhibited to spectators in 1864 as being 139 years old. His Frontier Adventures. Crelie came to Wisconsin in 1792, as one of the early settlers in Prairie du Chien. He worked as a voyageur in the fur trade for two decades, doing the heavy lifting on...
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Posted in Odd Lives on November 1, 2012

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