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April 2013 Odd Wisconsin

"The fish of the state belong to the people..."

That was how commissioner of fisheries Brayton O. Webster put it, at the height of Wisconsin's Progressive Era. But presumably he didn't consult the fish. The 1887 institution that gave its name to Madison's Fish Hatchery Road, shown here in a somewhat romanticized lithograph, was among the first fish hatcheries in the nation. Read about a visit to it in...
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Posted in Animals on April 25, 2013

"Great Hail Stones the Size of a Man's Fist"

"Growing crops cut off and chopped up. Orchards and groves riddled. Pigs and chickens killed and windows beaten in." So ran the headline in a Madison paper on July 10, 1878, describing a thunderstorm that passed across southern Wisconsin the previous day. April 15-19 is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota and Wisconsin, so let's have a look at Ghosts...
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Posted in Curiosities on April 16, 2013

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