Worcester Magazine Publication Dates

To avoid paying the tax on newspaper advertisements, Isaiah Thomas published what previously had been the newspaper Massachusetts Spy as an octavo-size magagine from 11 April 1786 until 27 March 1788. (The newspaper Massachusetts Spy reappeared on 3 April 1788 once the tax was repealed.) The Worcester Magazine was published on Thursdays and was dated only by the week and month of the year. The following table converts the week and month dating to an actual date. The actual dates were used in all four Massachusetts volumes and Mfm:Mass.




1st Week in August 9 August
2nd Week in August 16 August
3rd Week in August 23 August
4th Week in August 30 August
1st Week in September 6 September
2nd Week in September 13 September
3rd Week in September 20 September
4th Week in September 27 September
1st Week in October 4 October
2nd Week in October 11 October
3rd Week in October 18 October
4th Week in October 25 October
Last Week in October 1 November
1st Week in November 8 November
2nd Week in November 15 November
3rd Week in November 22 November
4th Week in November 29 November
1st Week in December 6 December
2nd Week in December 13 December
3rd Week in December 20 December
4th Week in December 27 December




1st Week in January 3 January
2nd Week in January 10 January
3rd Week in January 17 January
4th Week in January 24 January
Last Week in January 31 January
1st Week in February 7 February
2nd Week in February 14 February
3rd Week in February 21 February
4th Week in February 28 February
1st Week in March 6 March
2nd Week in March 13 March
3rd Week in March 20 March
4th Week in March 27 March