4. American Herald, 27 August 17871

Saturday being the day for the Feast of St. LEWIS, the same was celebrated by every public demonstration of joy, by the squadron of His Most Christian Majesty, now in this harbour. The Viscount de BEAUMONT gave an entertainment on board the Patriote;—at which were present his Houour the Lieutenant-Governour, and the Gentlemen of the Honourable Council, the President of the Honourable Senate, the late Governour, the principal Officers of the late Fœderal Army, and other official Characters of distinction. His Excellency the Governour, from indisposition, could not have the pleasure of attending. The Ships of the Fleet were decorated with the Flags of all Nations, among which, the American Stripes were conspicuous. The Feast was superb: The politeness and attention of the Viscount and his officers gave the utmost pleasure to the Gentlemen who had the honour of being present.

The following Toasts were announced under a discharge of cannon from all the Ships in the harbour.

1. His Most Christian Majesty. 21 guns.

2. The United States. 13 guns.

3. Governor and Commonwealth. 13 guns.

4. Perpetual Alliance between France and America.

5. Fœderal Convention.

6. General WASHINGTON, and the Society of Cincinnati.

7. The navigation and trade of America.

8. Peace and Unanimity throughout America.

9. The Memory of those who have fought for their country.

10. The Patriots who projected the American Revolution.

11. The late Fœderal Army,—may America never want another as brave and disinterested to defend her freedom.

12. May the States be as happy in Peace as her Citizens have been virtuous and successful in War.

13. The American Ladies,—may the men be as brave as the Women are Fair.

The Day was concluded by a discharge of twenty-one guns from each Ship in the Fleet.

1. Reprinted: Charleston Columbian Herald, 25 September.