5. Hampshire Chronicle, 28 August 17871

On Friday last the Honourable CALEB STRONG, Esq. one of the Delegates from this Commonwealth to the Grand Federal Convention, passed through this town on his return to Northampton.—By this gentleman we learn, That the Convention have unanimously agreed on a system for the future government of the United States, which will speedily be laid before the several legislatures, for their acceptance and ratification; and that they expected to rise some time last week.

What this system is, is not as yet known, but to the framers of it—that it will be a system founded on justice and equity, in which the rights of citizens will be properly balanced, considering the characters who have formed it, none can doubt: That consistent with these, it may be energetick, none can but wish.—Occasion, therefore, now presents itself, in which the good sense of the people can produce the most desirable event—for the people will now determine, whether a nation, possessing every advantage which nature can bestow to make it great, and to which nothing is wanting but to improve those advantages, to make it such, shall be so or not. But—can we have a reasonable doubt—Are we to behold a new thing under the sun? Will the nature of things be reversed?—No—the experience we have had, answers the queries in the negative, and bids us anticipate the wished for event of its meeting the approbation of all ranks of citizens—those excepted, who are, or ever will be, enemies to the prosperity of our infant empire. Against such it behoves us to be on our guard—Be assured they will artfully cast stumbling blocks in your way to national happiness and honour, and under the mask of patriotism, will endeavour to work your political destruction—That such are among us is certain.

1. The first paragraph was reprinted in the Massachusetts Gazette, 31 August; Massachusetts Centinel, 1 September; American Herald, 3 September; Salem Mercury, 4 September; Essex Journal, 5 September; Independent Chronicle, Worcester Magazine, and Cumberland Gazette, 6 September; and in ten other papers by 17 September: Vt. (1), N.H. (2), R.I. (2), Conn. (2), N.Y. (1), Pa. (1), Md. (1). The New Hampshire Recorder, 4 September, and New Haven Chronicle, 11 September, also reprinted the second paragraph.