15. Old Fog
Massachusetts Centinel, 22 September 1787

Mr. RUSSELL, If the publick are solicitous to see a full, compleat, ingenious and VERY LEARNED answer to the performances of NUMA, the Hampshire writer, they are referred to the inimitable productions of Cassius, in the three last Massachusetts Gazettes—This tremendous hero of the junto has transfixed the keenest arrows of satire from his inexhaustible quiver, into the vitals of Numa! Poor Numa! how pitiable is thy fate! How camest thou to be so fool-hardy as to adventure the frail vehicle of thy opinion upon the ocean of politicks, when such TARTARS as Cassius are out upon a cruise. Cassius is armed at all points, and with a resistless torrent of wit, logick and learned lore, dressed up in the gayest habiliments of rhetorick, and elegantly turned periods of language, bears down all opposition—Numa, is as a musqueto in the vortex of a whirlwind when in the management of Cassius—and it cannot be doubted, that if this puissant champion of the quill, should deign to attack the inferiour scribblers of the day, especially such as presume to animadvert upon the measures of government, and the machinations of the junto, that they will one and all be dissipated into nonentity like the morning fog, before this resplendent luminary of our western hemisphere.