22. Boston Gazette, 1 October 17871

By a Gentleman who arrived last Saturday Evening from Great-Barrington, we are informed, That last Wednesday Morning the Troops lately raised for the Protection of Government, were discharged from Service, in Pursuance of an Order from the Commander in Chief.—Those Orders were communicated to the Soldiery, in a short, elegant, and pathetic Address, by Col. LYMAN, the Commander of the Troops. After which, a Feu de Joy was paid by the Infantry, and a FOEDERAL SALUTE of TWELVE Cannon from the Artillery.—The Troops then receiving Provision to carry them to their respective Homes, began their March.—The Regularity and good Order of the Troops, after their Discharge, reflected on them the highest Honor.

Our Informant observes, That the Dæmon of Faction and Discord seems totally to have subsided; and that the late Discontents seem to appear exceeding anxious for, and, are making great Exertions, to discharge not only the present, but the back Taxes, especially in the County of Berkshire.

That all Classes seem to await with the greatest impatience the Event of the Federal Convention, looking up to it as to the Fountain from the which those Streams of political Felicity are to flow, the which shall make them happy.

Convinced that their late Irregularities have proceeded from want of true Information respecting the Doings of the General Court here, and the Danger they are ever in from the want of a Vehicle to convey certain Intelligence, they have lately given such Encouragement to the Establishment of a PRINTING PRESS, as to have one erected in Pittsfield, for the Printing a News Paper; the first Number of which made its Appearance last Friday.

In fine, our Informant observes, as far as his Knowledge extends, the Views of Sedition seem totally in those Counties to be eradicated, and Loyalty and Good Order to have taken Root in their Stead.

1. This item was reprinted in toto in the Independent Chronicle, 4 October; and Massachusetts Gazette, 5 October; and in part in the Salem Mercury, 2 October; Worcester Magazine, 4 October; and Essex Journal, 10 October. Outside Massachusetts, it was reprinted, in whole or in part, thirteen times by 15 October: R.I. (2), Conn. (6), N.Y. (3), Pa. (2).