27. An American
Massachusetts Centinel, 17 October 1787

Mr. RUSSELL, The antifederalist, whose paragraphs were so well animadverted upon in your last paper, in his apology of yesterday, says, “the whole objections he has at present against being known, arise from the treatment which has been so liberally bestowed on Mr. Gerry, Governours Randolph and Clinton, and other most respectable characters, who appear to have objected to the plan of confederation”—Now, Mr. Printer, I much suspect that this insinuation is as wicked and diabolical as the falshoods he so recently published, and is the working of the same spirit of misinformation that dictated them—therefore, that the good people of this State may not be deceived, I request of you, to inform them, as I trust you can, as you receive from the several parts of the Union the papers published therein, whether the conduct or sentiments of either of these gentlemen, have been the subject of animadversion. Your compliance will oblige yours, &c.