28. Massachusetts Centinel, 17 October 1787

Index Finger In compliance with the request of his correspondent, the Printer assures the publick, that since the American Constitution was promulgated there has not a reflection on the conduct or sentiments of either of the above gentlemen, been published in any of the publick papers from Maryland to New-Hampshire: Nor have their names been mentioned but in the address of the seceding members of the Pennsylvania Legislature, as mentioned in the last Centinel. These gentlemen, if they were opposed in sentiment to any particular parts of the plan of confederation, offered their objections openly, and as their characters are established as friends to their country, their frankness and independency does them honour. Nor can it be supposed but that they will acquiesce in the adoption and establishment of this Constitution, since it has received the sanction of so decided and respectable a majority of the members of Convention.