32. Massachusetts Calls a State Convention, 18–25 October 1787

32-A. Report of the Joint Committee with Senate and House Amendments, 19–25 October 17871

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32-B. Senate Proceedings, Saturday, 20 October (excerpt), and Thursday, 25 October 17871

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32-C. Isaac Stearns Diary
Boston, 20 October 1787(excerpt)1

Saterday had diverse petitions before us Then took up the Order of the Day which was the New Constitution plan which after lengthy debates was Resolved to be sent out to the people for their examination & ordered a Convention to meet at the Court house the second Wednesday in January we adjournd to Monday …

32-D. Massachusetts Gazette, 23 October 17871

On Friday last, a committee of the two branches of the legislature, consisting of doctor Tufts and mr. Goodhue, on the part of the senate, and doctor Holton, mr. Parsons, and doctor Jarvis, on the part of the house, appointed to consider that part of his excellency’s communications which relate to the Constitution proposed by the late Convention of the states, laid their report before the honourable senate; who, after deliberating thereon, with becoming freedom, candour and good humour, agreed to the same, with some amendments, and sent it, on Saturday, down to the lower house for their concurrence. The substance of the resolutions of the senate, as we are informed, is, a recommendation to the several towns and districts, within this commonwealth, to elect delegates, not exceeding the numbers they are impowered respectively by law to send as representatives, for a State Convention, to meet some time in the month of December.

To-morrow, this great question will be debated by the honourable house of representatives.

32-E. Salem Mercury, 23 October 17871

Saturday last [i.e., 20 October], the Senate, after mature deliberation, passed a resolve, conformable to the recommendation of Congress, for calling a Convention, to meet at the Representatives chamber, on the 2d Wednesday in December next; and sent it down for concurrence. The House have postponed the consideration of it until to-morrow.

32-F. Providence Gazette, 27 October 17871

By a Gentleman from Boston we learn, that a Convention is to meet there on the second Wednesday of January next, to take into Consideration the Plan of the new fœderal Government. This Subject was taken up in the General Court on Wednesday last, 160 Members being present, when 129 voted in Favour of calling a Convention.

32-G. Worcester Magazine, 1 November 17871

In the debates in the Hon. House of Representatives, for calling a Convention, to consider of the new Federal Constitution, Mr. Bishop, Member for Rehoboth, moved, that the Convention meet at the Court House in Worcester; his motion not meeting with the entire approbation of the House, another motion was made, that Old York should be the place; after which, the member from Hallowell, observed, that, as a happy unanimity had been preserved in discussing the other parts of the question—as gentlemen, in every part of the House, had discovered conceding and accommodating dispositions—and as Worcester was one, and Old York another extreme, and as Boston was nearly a medium to them, he hoped the gentlemen would withdraw their motions, that the harmony might be continued through the whole: Their motions were accordingly withdrawn, and the State House in Boston agreed to.

32-H. New Haven Gazette, 1 November 1787

The legislature of Massachusetts have agreed to call a Convention to consider of the proposed Federal Constitution. The convention is to meet at Boston on the second Wednesday in January next.

32-I. New York Daily Advertiser, 1 November 1787

We are informed that the House of Representatives of Massachusetts have concurred to the Vote of the Senate of that State, for calling a Convention.

32-J. Massachusetts Centinel, 3 November 17871

By the resolve of the Hon. Legislature, for calling the Convention, &c. three copies of these resolutions, as also of the Federal Constitution, with the resolution of the Convention, their letter to the president of Congress, accompanying the same, and also of the resolution of Congress thereupon, are to be printed and transmitted by express to the Sheriffs of the several counties, who are to deliver them to the Selectmen of each town in their respective counties.

32-K. House Proceedings, Wednesday, 7 November 1787 (excerpt)1

… Ordered that a Seat be Assigned for the Hon. E. Gerry Esqr. …

32-L. House Proceedings, Thursday, 8 November 1787 (excerpt)1

… Ordered that Dr. Taylor Dr. Spring & Dr. Jarvis be a Committee to consider what will be a proper allowance for the Delegates who represented the Commonwealth in the federal Convention at Philadelphia & Report …

32-M. Albany Gazette, 8 November 17871

On the 19th ultimo, the Senate of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, agreed to the report of a grand Committee of both branches of their Legislature, for calling a State Convention, for the purpose of taking into consideration the New Plan of Federal Government—and on the 24th, the House of Representatives concurred with the Senate, by a majority of 129, out of 161 voters, and appointed the second Wednesday of January next for the meeting of the Convention in the town of Boston.

32-N. New York Journal, 8 November 17871

On the 24th ult. the general court of Massachusetts passed a resolution for calling a Convention for the purpose of considering the newly proposed plan of Fœderal Government. This Convention is to meet at Boston on the second Wednesday in January next.

32-O. Cumberland Gazette, 9 November 1787

Copies of the proposed Federal Constitution was yesterday received by the Sheriff of this county—together with the Resolve of the General Court, calling a Convention to deliberate on the above constitution, on the 2d Wednesday in January next. This resolve will be published next week.

32-P. Massachusetts Council Proceedings, Saturday, 17 November 1787(excerpt)1

… Warrant drawn on the Treasury for Nine pounds in favor of Ebenezer Burrell in full of his account for conveying Federal Constitutions & Proclamations for Thanksgiving to Sheriffs of the Counties of Bristol, Barnstable & Plimouth—

Warrant drawn on the Treasury for Twelve pounds in favor of Thomas Pons in full of his account for conveying Federal Constitutions & Proclamations for Thanksgiving to Sheriffs of the Counties of Worcester, Hampshire & Berkshire. …

32-Q. Alexandria Virginia Journal, 22 November 1787

The General Court of Massachusetts have summoned a Convention for the Purpose of deciding upon the new Constitution, to meet the second Tuesday in January next.

32-R. Massachusetts Council Proceedings, Thursday, 13 March 1788 (excerpt)1

… Warrant drawn on the Treasury for Fourteen pounds ten shillings in favor of Doct. Daniel Coney in full of his account for cash advanced for horse hires, expences & the riders wages in carrying the proposed Constitution & Governor’s proclamation to Sheriffs of the Counties of York,—Cumberland & Lincoln. …