38. Eugenio
Massachusetts Centinel, 27 October 1787


Well, PAT, my honest fellow, say,

Has RUSSELL more Ship-News to-day?

Pray do the Fleet of Observation(a),

Still occupy their quondam station,

In that snug cove, where, out of view,

They see what other cruizers do?

The Guardships(b)—are they in good plight,

As well equipt to run as fight?—

I have not seen them—but I hear,

They look’d extremely well last year,

When under the command of one,

Who would much sooner fight than run.

Is Cordage scarce?—The Price runs high,

But yet the County Court may buy

New ties, throat-seizings, and new whips,

Enough to furnish all their ships.

Though Hemp of late was scarce and dear,

Yet now, thank God! there’s plenty here:—

And when, next year, the sons of trade

Inquire what Price for it was paid,

I hope old G—y will give advice

He “bought Hemp for—a trifling PRICE!”

(a) The stone-house club.

(b) The State-Street Insurers, &c.