48. Independent Chronicle, 8 November 17871

Charlestown, November 5, 1787. 

“On Friday 19th ult. the Artillery company, commanded by Capt. William Calder, was paraded—when a detachment of the company, headed by Capt. Lieut. Phillips, proceeded to Warren-Hall, in order to receive an elegant Standard, provided by a subscription among the gentlemen of the town. Upon the Standard’s being delivered by Samuel Swan, Esq. Deputy-Quarter-Master-General, for the third division, that gentleman addressed the corps in the following animated Speech:—

“WHEN we consider the citizens of this Commonwealth, composing our militia, and under good military discipline, we feel the highest confidence in their ability and our safety, against every foreign and internal invasion. When considering the discipline of the Artillery company in this town, and your attachment to the laws of the land—a proof of which you gave during the campaign last winter, when you, with other troops, conducted by the intripid Lincoln, drove rebellion and usurpation forth from our borders—our hearts are rejoiced, and our prospects are brightened.

[“]Therefore, Fellow Soldiers, I present you this Standard, in the name of the donors, as a token of our affection for your company; relying on your firmness to support and defend it, with that honour and dignity which becomes every true republican, influenced by the noble principles of the New Federal Constitution.”

1. Reprinted: State Gazette of South Carolina, 6 December.