52. Charleston City Gazette, 10 November 17871

The new Constitution is so very popular in the states of Massachusetts and Maryland, a gentleman informs us, that Mr. Geary has been burnt in effigy in Massachusetts, and when Col. Mason arrived at Alexandria, on his way home, the Corporation waited on him, with an intimation, that, although they entertained the highest sense of his amiable character, yet such party spirit prevailed amongst the people that they could not protect him, and advised his speedy departure from that place.

1. The City Gazette for 10 November is not extant. This item was transcribed from the Gazette of the State of Georgia, 15 November, which printed it under the dateline “Charleston, November 10.” The Georgia State Gazette reprinted the item on 8 December, while the Pennsylvania Herald reprinted the portion on Elbridge Gerry on 24 November.