59. Massachusetts Centinel, 21 November 17871

Saturday last, being the anniversary of its institution, the corps of Republican Volunteers, under the command of Capt. GRAY, paraded, and performed the usual military manœuvres, evolutions and firings with great military adroitness.—After which they partook at a splendid entertainment provided for them at Tant’s Hall, which concluded with the following among other truly characteristick and patriotick toasts, 1. The United States of America—Congress—Federal union—and confusion to its opposers.—2. The Governour and Commonwealth—may economy be to the people of this Common wealth, a sovereign antidote against common poverty.—3. George Washington, Esq. the political father of Independent America.—4. The mechanicks—may they have their due weight and influence in all countries, and in all ages. Agriculture, manufactures, and commerce—may the Americans feel the force of this important axiom—“a three fold cord is not easily broken.”—5. May our exports so far exceed our imports as to enable us to establish a fund equal to our sister Holland.—6. The Boston Regiment, and the militia in general.—7. Our brothers the Independent Cadets.—8. The Independent Light-Infantry.—9. The memory of the departed “Soul of the Soldiery.”—12. Our brethren the Engine-Men—may their engines never want water, and may they never want strength and encouragement to use it.—13. Peace and prosperity in this and ALL other inhabitable planets.

1. Reprinted: Pennsylvania Packet, 4 December.