71. Henry Van Schaack to Theodore Sedgwick
Pittsfield, 4 December 17871

The friends to peace good order and good government I made extremely happy in detailing the business of the town meeting at Stockbridge—The Success of that day has revived the drooping spirits of many of our friends—We are anxious to hear from G Barrington. We hope for the best but we are not without our fears—a line how things have been managed will gratify me exceedingly. I have infinite satisfaction to inform you from ’Squire Kingsleys own mouth that a man of a fair Character is chosen for Becket such an [one?] as our friend approves. We have heard nothing yet from above. How the choice will be here cannot even be guessed at—I am not without hopes of a good termination though some of our friends dispond. How is it like to go at Sheffield?

When do you come up to see us?—I have got that in Store will glad your heart.

Adieu God bless and prosper you

[P.S.] I forgot Mrs. Sedgwicks Cannisters If they come on to Lenox next Thursday Captain will be there to receive them. My Love to her—

1. RC, Sedgwick Papers, MHi.