81. Nathaniel Gorham to Rufus King
Charlestown, 12 December 17871

No consideration as applying to this World or I had allmost said the next can be an inducement to you to stay at N York after the first of Jany—you can have no idea how much depends on your presence—the Elections in this part of the Country have generally been favourable—but a black cloud will come down from the three Western Counties—The choice was to have been made at Cambridge on Monday last but the Constable never returned his warrant and though they sent three Messengers after him to Boston he was not to be found till 10 oClock at night—so the Meeting was lost & a New one is summoned for next Monday—Gerry would not have been chosen—I cannot tell how the people may change by the next Meeting—On the whole I think the prospect has mended since you left us & looks rather encourageing than other ways—Bristol County which was supposed to be wholly wrong—is by a great majority right—If I compleat my proposed Bargain in the next Session relative to the Western Land—it is of material consequences to stand well with Brandt & Butler so far as respects the Indian purchas—Butler says he has been much abused in the representation of his attack upon Wyoming—& that he is willing to risque his reputation for humanity upon the Letter of Colo. Dennison the American commander at that place—do by all means get me a copy of that Letter from the Secretarys Office & bring it on with you—Sedgwick has beaten Bacon—& after a Long dispute before the Town—Bacon has signed a recantation of his errors—remember me to my good Friends in your House—

[P.S.] The Town of Boston committed a great mistake in not chusing Sulivan

1. RC, King Papers, NHi.