82. Jeremiah Hill to George Thatcher
Biddeford, 12–13 December 17871

the first thing no doubt that you wish to hear is the wellfare of your family, I tell you, they are all well Mrs Thatcher & Jenny are here visiting, my family and all the Household of faith here are in health & Prosperious—old Mrs Elliot (John Lee’s Mother in Law) is fallen asleep, [quid?] tum? now for Convention news, that is the nearest my heart as well as yours, I believe the County of York will make a tolerable appearance in a political View Kittery I hear has Mr. Chauncey in nomination York has chosen Mr. Nat Barrell & Capt Preble Berwick has forgot their first Love Wells has chosen parson Hemenway & Judge Wells Arundel are picking a Bone of Contention Sandford has voted not to send—Pepperrellboro. has chosen Colo. Cutts—Buxton has chosen Jacob Bradbury Esqr. Biddeford has backsliden & fallen from a state of Grace to a State of nature. met Yesterday & a dumb Devil seized a Majority & they voted not to send, & when called on for a Reason they were dumb, mirabile dictu! A— S—th appeared by their Motion to be Belzabub B— S—e & his Brother J—n and A—s G—n were high in rank in his infernal Majesty’s Club, but I hear to day that there is a party making head for pititioning the Select Men to call another Meeting if thought legal—I have an anxious desire to know how you go on at the Southward, and how the new Constitution is received in that part of the United States, my earnest desire & prayer to God is that the United States may be saved from the wrath of Intestine Broils and mortal Jars, the Disciples of this Constitution are in the same Dilemma that the Disciples of old were ergo the[y] must be wise as Serpents & harmless as Doves and by their good works manifest that they are the Friends of mankind in General & of America in particular, & I have faith to believe that they will by persevering in the ways of well doing arrive to that glorious Æra when Peace and good Order shall be established on a firm unshaken Basis as firm and unshaken as the ever lasting Hills, Mrs Thatcher directs me to scold at you for not writing home, three posts and no Letters! but we cant call it a fault or neglects because we cant Judge without we know the Reason, and in warm Climates, you know, the same Reasons wont opperate or produce the same Conclusions that they do in more frigid Zones—

P.S. Thursday Morning [13 December]

Mr. Lee spent the evening with us

we took the whole matter under our most serious Consideration, corrected the Errors of Congress, the Faults of the Convention, the Ambition of the several States took a short cursory view of the rise & progress of civil Liberty and the general Principals of Republicanism, the motives that influenced the different parties just touched upon the Cincinnati &c &c—

Mrs Thatcher & Mrs Hill were ingaged in recapitulating the various Modes & fashions of the times, the present Construction of making baby linnen, the Œconomy of house keeping, the management of Infants the education of Children, the advantage of having good Maids, and Just mentioned old Rachel &c. &c— Jenny listened with great Attention—

Thursday Evening

N.B. my Brother Nat. has this minute returned from Boston, & informs that you have got the small pox by innoculation that you have very light—and that the Towns in general from here there have chosen Men for the Convention who are in favor of it—Amen

1. RC, Chamberlain Collection, Thatcher Papers, MB.