86. Henry Van Schaack to Theodore Sedgwick
Pittsfield, 14 December 17871

I was home when yours of yesterday arrived here or I should, most probably, have wrote you before. The account you give of the proceedings at Sheffield are more flattering than I could have expected. They would have been still more so if you had given an opinion that the adjournment was likely to be attended with Success. I will endeavor to suppress my anxiety if possible. We have had a friendly neighborly meeting last Tuesday evening at Mr. Hubbard’s—There appeared a disposition for information and if I am not exceedingly mistaken our people wish to do that which is right—a similar meeting is to take place, at Captain Roots, next monday evening. My mind is so absorpt upon the great question that I can neither think or talk of any thing else. This puts me in mind of Mr Locke in his chapter upon the association of Ideas, that a Man who had been fond of dancing in a room in which an old trunk stood could not stir a step when the trunk was removed. I sometimes fear that I shall not be able to talk upon any other subject than the one we are upon(a) unless matters get in such a state of security as to leave room to unbend the mind to other objects. The struggle at Richmond will be between Cap Raymond and Mr. Betts.—It is said that the people at Adams are in favour of the New System and that Hinman will be chosen. A Man from Washington, not friendly to Ashley, thinks, notwithstanding, that he will be elected.—It is impossible to say, from any thing that has transpired, who will be chosen here.—If the friends to the Constitution are unanimous I am led to believe we shall go right.

I did not mean that You should not come to see us—I intended to intimate that it would be best you should not give your attendence on Town meeting days for fear the idea should go abroad that the [supporters?] wanted advocates from abroad. Upon the whole I am inclined to believe that you had best put off your visit until we have got through—

Adieu Heaven bless you and yours and conduct us all safe in the political Haven of rest.

1. RC, Sedgwick Papers, MHi.

(a) I hope you are much in the same situation for misery likes company.