98. Massachusetts Centinel, 26 December 17871

A correspondent observes, that all accounts make it apparent that the State Convention which is to meet in this town next month, will consist of upwards of 400 members; it is therefore time to think of a place for the accommodation of this body as it is certain that the Representatives’ Chamber will not hold so large a number—a Meeting-House will be the most suitable place, and as the Rev. Mr. Thatcher’s is the only one that has stoves; and as it is in the center of the town, that would be the most eligible—would it not then discover a federal disposition, if that church was to make a voluntary offer of it, to the Convention, as early as possible, after its meeting, and make previous arrangements for its accommodation?

1. Reprinted: Essex Journal, 2 January 1788 (partial); Worcester Magazine, 3 January (partial); New York Journal, 4 January.