108. John Eliot Weather Diary
Boston, 1 January–29 February 1788

Eliot wrote on blank pages in Bickerstaff’s Boston Almanack for the Year of Our Lord 1788 … (Newburyport, 1787) (Evans 20876). He kept two series of entries. One series, transcribed here, contains a general description of the weather for each day. The other series, reproduced in facsimile here, gives the temperature and wind direction for each day. The weather diary is at the Massachusetts Historical Society.


1. fair day—in the evening Snow—

2. Morning louring [i.e., threatening]. then fair & pleasant.

3. Fair day. Evening Cloudy. In the Night Snow.

4. Fair day, somewhat blustering.—

5. Fair day. grew Colder towards evening.

6. Fair day. Clear. at Noon very blustering, then Clear.

7. Fair day. do.

8. Cloudy—Snow and the[n] Rain a storm

9. Snow—then fair and pleasant

10. Clear and fair—

11. ditto—grew colder towards night.

12. Clear & fair.

13. Fair and then Cloudy, a great appearance of Snow—

14. Clear and Fair—

15. Louring and appearance of Snow.

16. Snow—then Rain.—then a violent storm during ye Night.

17. Cleared away very pleasant!

18. Very pleasant.

19. Cloudy. appearance of Rain—Rain.

20. Cloudy warm morning—Afternoon Clear & Windy.

21. A fair clear morning.

22. a cloudy day, Appearance of Snow. in the Night SNOW

23. a clear day—towards evening very blustering

24. a disagreable cloudy day—evening Snow & Rain.

25. Clear Louring—in the evening rainy.

26. A clear, pleasant day.

27. ditto—appearance of Rain

28. a fair pleasant day—

29. Rain & Hail—very stormy.

30. a fair day, [– – –] [– – –] [– – –]

31. a fair cold day—


1. a cold clear day—grew warmer towards evening.

2. appearances of rain or snow.

3. a warm pleasant day. Rain in the evening amid appearance of stars.

4. Clear sun, but a wildness in the sky.

5. a blustering cold Day—the air excessive sharpe—

6. a clear, calm day—

7. a clear day—

8. a very pleasant day. tho’ cold.

9. ditto—

10. a pleasant day—cloudy evening.

11. Cloudy—then clear & warm—Night remarkable Winds.

12. Clear & pleasant. night Wind equally high

13. Ditto. flurry of snow in the night.

14. ditto—evening grew very cold.

15. a very pleasant day.

16. A storm of Snow, then rain.

17. Very pleasant.

18. Ditto—

19. Very pleasant—tho cold

20. very clear—blustering—

21. Very pleasant.

22. Appearance of storm—some snow & clear—

23. Warm for N wind—appearance of Rain.

24. A very pleasant day

25. Ditto—

26. Ditto—

27. Ditto—grew very windy & cold in evening.

28. Very Cold, blustering weather

29. Clear & blustering cold—