111. Samuel Thompson Diary
Woburn, 1 January–10 February 17881

January 1:1788

1 fair Hazy Cloudy 1 inch Snow at night

2 fair mild for Winter

3 fair Cold at night Cloudy 3 inchs snow

4 fair

5 fair very Cold Day

6 fair very Cold Mr Sargent Preachd

7 fair not so cold Elear Richardson wife died

8 Cloudy Snow 3 inch rain Thos Dean died

9 thaw snow Cleard of[f] cold Elear Richardson Wife buried

10 Cold day fair Thos Dean Buried

11 Cold fair

12 Cold fair at Boston

13 Cold Cloudy Mr Sargeant Preachd

14 fair and very cold went to Lexington Barnabas Richardson wife Died

15 Cloudy cold abate some

16 Snowy morn 2 inch turnd to rain good thaw

17 Windy fair Bars Richard[so]n wife buried

18 fair mild David Richardson Died

19 fair Cloudy Snow 3 inch rainy night

20 rainy cloudy fair Mr Sargent Preachd David Richardson Buried

21 fair good

22 Cloudy snowy night 8 inch

23 cloudy morn fair Day

24 fair morn then Hazy Cloudy snowy night 4 inchs

25 snowy fair cloudy Snow 2 inch

26 fair morn some Hazy

27 Hazy cloudy cool Mr J. Marrett preachd

28 fair mild Day

29 snowy morn 1 inch turnd to rain then fair

30 fair not Cold

31 fair Colder

[The following entry fills an otherwise blank space at the bottom of the page:] The convention for considering the Constitution of the United States met at Boston the ninth of this January and sat untill the seventh of February and voted to accept the afore said Constitution

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1 fair mild for winter some Cloudy

2 cloudy fair cloudy moderate

3 cloudy fair Thawy Mr Sargent Preachd.

4 thawy all day cold at night Mr Jacob Coggin child died & buried

5 Windy & very cold

6 very cold day some cloudy little snow

7 some milder fair

8 mild & fair

9 fair some colder

10 fair Mr Sargent Preachd Cloudy

1. MS, Samuel Thompson Dairy, 1788–1790, Archives, Woburn Public Library, Woburn. Printed courtsey of the Woburn Public Library.