112. Henry Van Schaack to Theodore Sedgwick
Pittsfield, 1 January 1788 (excerpts)1

… When you get to Boston pray tel the old club that no man respects them more than I do & that they never had a Countryman among them who has been more gratified by their politeness than myself—Forget me not in this particular and Squeeze in a word that I hope not to be neglected by them when you are not with me. …

[P.S.] A happy New Year to your Mrs. S and all your little brood—may god bless you all and send us a sucession of happy years under the new Constitution—The Constitution Remember and write me as soon as you get to Boston—It is near my heart and I have a claim on you to gratify me with every thing that looks well

1. RC, Sedgwick Papers, MHi.