19 November 1787–7 January 1788

The documents included in Mfm:Mass. supplement those printed in RCS:Mass., 888–1076. The documents in this section are arranged in several groupings. The first grouping consists of town records, diaries, correspondence, and newspaper pieces dealing with the election of convention delegates. They are arranged alphabetically by town, with a new document number for each town. Under each town the documents are arranged chronologically, with each document given a number with a letter extension (e.g., 18–A). See RCS:Mass., 892, for an explanation of how the town records are presented in both the printed volume and microfiche supplement. Most returns by constables stating that they had properly given notice that a town meeting had been called are routine and have been omitted. If a constable return gives specific informantion on when, where, or how the notification was posted or made, it has been included in Mfm:Mass. Sources are given only for items that do not come from the offices of the town clerks.

The second grouping in the Elections Section consists of lists of election results for convention delegates that appeared in the newspapers and in one case in a diary. The documents are arranged in chronological order, with each list having a separate number.

The third and final grouping in the elections section consists of the election certificates found in the volume “Constitutional Convention 1788” at the Massachusetts Archives. A few towns have two or more certificates. Each town (arranged in alphabetical order) has its own document number, with multiple items under a town indicated by the extensions A, B, C, etc. Photographic facsimiles of documents from the bound volume “Constitutional Convention 1788” dealing with the disputed election results for the towns of Great Barrington, Sheffield and Mount Washington, Taunton, and Williamstown are also included here.

A few items deal with the election of convention delegates in general or mention what happened in several towns in the same item. When not possible to split up, these items have been inserted into the regular microfiche chronological run in the appropriate place.