126. Almsbury, Essex County, 10 December 1787

126-A. Warrant, 17 November

In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts These are to warn and notify the freeholders and other Inhabitants of the town of Amesbury qualified by law to vote as in the choice of Representative to meet together at the west Meeting house in said town on Monday the third day of December next ensuing at one of the clock P. M. for to choose one or more good and lawfull man or men for to serve as a Delegate or Delegates in the Convention appointed to be convened and holden at the State house in Boston on the second Wednesday in January next ensuing in order to assent to and ratify the Constitution of the Cont[i]nental Convention agreeable to a Resolve of the General Court passed Oct 20th 1787

126-B. Town Meeting, 3 December

At a Meeting of the inhabitants of the town of Amesbury December 3d. 1787 at the west Meeting house in said town

At the same meeting the meeting was adjourned to Monday next the tenth day of December instant at one of the clock after noon at this place

126-C. Town Meeting, 10 December

The town meet agreeable to adjournment the 10th. day of December 1787 and at the same meeting voted to send two Delegates to the Convention and Leut Willis Patten and Capt Benjamin Lurvey were chosen for the Delegates