128. Ashby, Middlesex County, 17 December 1787

128-A. Warrant, 3 December

To Mr. Eleazer Shattuck Constable for Ashby Greeting—

In the Name of the Common-wealth of Massachusetts You are hereby required fourthwith to Notify all the Inhabitants of Ashby Qualified by Law to Vote for a Representative to Assemble & Meet at the Publick Meeting House in said Town on Monday the tenth Day of December Instant at twelve o’clock in the Day to Choose one man for a Delegate to Represent this Town in a Convention to beheld at the State House in Boston on the Second wednesday in January Next.

128-B. Town Meeting, 10 December

At a Meeting of the Inhabitants of the Town of Ashby Legally Assembled at the Meeting House on Monday the 10 day of Decr. 1787. and After hearing the proposed Constitution read. … the Town Voted to adjourn the Meeting till the 17th. Instant to Meet at this place one o’clock: P: M:

128-C. Town Meeting, 17 December

Met according to adjournment and Chose Mr. Benjamin Adams a Delegate to Represent the Town as above.