130. Barnstable, Barnstable County, 19 November 1787

130-A. Town Meeting, 19 November

At a Town meeting Legally warned and held at the Court House in Barnstable on the 19th day of November AD 1787 for the Purpose of Chosing Delegates to meet in Convention at the State House in Boston on the Second wednesday of January next in order to take in to Consideration and act upon the Constitution or Frame of Government Proposed for the united States of America and to Transact other business agreeable to the warrant for said meeting on file

Shearjashub Bourne Esq was Chosen moderator of said meeting

the Constitution was then Read to the Inhabitants of said Town who then Proceeded and made Choise of Nymphas Marston and Shearj Bourne Esqr to Represent them at said Convention

130-B. Gideon Hawley to Thomas Cushing, 4 January 1788 (Copy Not Sent)1

130-C. Gideon Hawley to Thomas Cushing, 4 January 1788 (Copy Sent)1