136. Berkley, Bristol County, 3 December 1787

136-A. Warrant, 19 November

Either of ye Constabls of the Town of Berkley Greeting in the Name of ye Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are Required to Notify and Warn ye free holders and other Inhabitance quallified as the Constitution persaid for the Choice of Representatives, that they Meet and assemble at the meeting hous in Berkley aforesaid on Monday ye third Day of December Next at one of the Clock in the after Noon to act on the following articles

1stTo Se if Said Town will Chuse Som person to Represent Said Town in a Convention to meet at ye State Hous in Boston on the Second Wensday of January next for the purpos Mentioned in a Resolve of Congress passed September ye 17th 1788

136-B. Constable Return, 3 December

by Virtue of a Warrant to me Directed I have Notified ye Inhabitance of Berkley by posting up a Notifycation at ye Meeting hous in [said?] town Setting fourth Time place and Action of said Meeting

136-C. Town Meeting, 3 December

At a Legal Town meeting Held in Berkley on Monday ye 3d Day of December 1787

1st Voted that Samuel Tobey Esqr be a Diligate to Join the other Towns in this State, in, a Convention at Boston, on the Second Wensday of January Next