138. Berwick, York County, 18 December 1787

Warrant, 20 November

Notice is hereby given to every male person being twenty one years of age and upwards, residents in the Town of Berwick, having a freehold estate within said Town of the annual income of three pounds or any estate of the value of sixty pounds you are hereby notified to assemble yourselves together, and meet at the Meeting-house in the North Parish in said Berwick on Monday the 10th day of December next at eleven O’clock in the forenoon, then and there to choose a delegate or delegates agreeable to a Resolve of the General Court passed Oct. 25. 1787. to meet in Convention at the State-house in Boston, on the 2d. Wednesday of January next, to take into consideration the Constitution proposed to the United States by a Convention of delegates lately assembled at Philadelphia for their assent and ratification of said Convention