140. Billerica, Middlesex County, 10 December 1787

140-A. Warrant, 17 November

To Leiut. Nehemiah Kittredge one [of] the Constables of the town of Billerica in said County greeting—In the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are required to warn all the Freeholders and other inhabitants of Said town belonging to your district who are qualified to vote for a represent[at]ive, that they attend a town meeting to be [held] on tuesday the 4th. day of Decemr. next at one O’ Clock in the afternoon at the meeting house in said town—

First to Chuse a moderator for Said meeting—

2d. to Chuse a delegate to represent the town in Convention on the Second Wednesday of January next in order to take into Consideration the proposed federal Constitution agreeable to a resolve of the general Court of the 25th. of October last—

140-B. Town Meeting, 4 December

At a legal town meeting of the inhabitants of the town of Billerica in (Consequence of the fo[re]going warrant; and another similar to it directed to William Manning the other Constable) on the 4th. of Decemr. 1787—

voted and Chose Deacon Joshua Abbot moderator

voted that the meeting be adjourned to monday the 10th. Instant at 1 O’Clock P.M. to this place—

140-C. Town Meeting, 10 December

Met according to adjournment and Chose William Tompson Esqr. to represent this town in the [Ensu?]ing Convention—

140-D. Isaac Stearns Diary
Billerica, 10 December1

Monday I [went?] afternoon attended a Town meeting to Chuse a Delegate for Convention was in no very lively fraim of soul thro the Day