142. Bolton and Berlin, Worcester County, 4 December 1787

142-A. Warrant, 20 November

The Freeholders and other Inhabatants of the Town of Bolton Qualified for the choice of a Representative are hereby notified to meet at the meeting house in Said Town on Tuesday the fourth day of December next at one oclock in the afternoon for the purpose of chusing a Delagate to meet in convention at the State house in Boston on the Second wednesday in January next for the purpose of assenting to and Ratifying the proposed Constitution for the united States and give them Such Instructions as Said Town with the District of Berlin Shall think proper

142-B. Town Meeting, 4 December

at a meeting of the Town of Bolton and District of Berlin Duely warned and Legally Convened at the meeting house in Bolton on Tuesday the fourth Day of December 1787

Chose the Honourable Samuel Baker Esqr as a Delegate to meet in Convention at Boston the 2d wednesday in January next;