144. Boston, Suffolk County, 7 December 1787

144-A. Selectmen Meeting, 28 November1

At a Meeting of the Selectmen Present Messrs. Dorr, Tyler, Sever, Walley, Price, Scollay, Andrews, Brown, [and] Boardman …

Ordered that the Town Clerk issue a Wart. to Warn a Meeting of the Inhabitants on Fryday the 7th. of Decemr. next. …

The Printers of the Centinel to have the printing of the Notifications for the ensuing Town Meeting—

144-B. Warrant, 30 November

To the Constables of the Town of Boston Each & Every of them—Greeting—

In the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are hereby required forthwith to Warn all the Male Inhabitants of the Town of Boston of twenty one Years of Age & upwards (within your respective Precincts) that have an annual Income upon a Freehold Estate of three Pounds or other Estate to the value of Sixty Pounds in Silver Money at 6/8d. par to Convene at Faneuil Hall on Friday the 7th Day of December next at 10. o’Clock A:M: Then & there to choose Delagates to meet in Convention at the State House in Boston on the 2d. Wednesddey of January next for the purpose of assenting to & ratifying the Constitution agreed upon by the late Federal Convention, agreably to the Resolution of Congress & the General Court of this Commonwealth—also to determine whether the Town will choose a Person to Represent them in the General Court in the room of the Honble Samuel Allyne Otis Esq. lately chosen a Member of Congress—

144-C. Selectmen Meeting, 6 December

At a Meeting of the Selectmen Decr. 6. 1787 Present Messrs. Dorr, Scollay, Andrews, Tyler, Boardman, Sever, [and] Walley …

Mr. Brown & Mr. Sever a Committee to wait on Mr. Clarke & ask him to open the ensuing T[o]wn Meeting with Prayer—

144-D. Independent Chronicle, 6 December

A correspondent observes, that amid the general bustle for the choice of Members for the Convention, he hopes the town will be cautious what character is introduced on the Boston seat, for Representative, in case one should be chosen: As possibly some manàuvers may take place to bring forward a Man whom at all times we ought particularly to watch. If any of the “small party,” should steal a march, it would become “a matter of derision at a future day.”

144-E. Robert Treat Paine Diary
Boston, 7 December1

Snow large Flakes all day. Boston Chose 12 Delegates to Convention for Accepting [– – –] Constitution of United States

144-F. Jonathan Sayward Diary
York, 21 December1

I hear governor Hancock Bowden Adams and 12 in all are Chosen as Delegates Relative to the New Constitution though it is said Adams is against the Same

144-G. Boston Gazette, 7 January 1788

To the REAL TRADESMEN of the Metropolis.

The real TRADESMEN of the Town of BOSTON, are requested to meet at the Green Dragon Tavern THIS EVENING, at Six o’Clock, on Business of the first importance.