146. Boylston, Worcester County, 26 November

146-A. Warrant, 13 November

To mr. Levi Moor Constable for the Town of Boylston Greeting—you are required in the Name of the Commonwelth of Massachusetts forth with to notify and warn all the freeholders and other inhabitance of Said Town that are quallifyed by law to Chuse a representative, to meet at the meeting house in Said Town on Munday the Twentysix day of November Instant at Two of the Clock in the afternoon, for the Purpose of Chuseing a delegate to Represent Said Town in Convention to be held at the State house in Boston on the second wensday in January next to take into Consideration the Constitution or frame of goverment for the United States of America,

146-B. Town Meeting, 26 November

Agreeable to the preceding warrant the Inhabitance of the Town of Boylston assembled on Munday the Twentysix day of November one Thousand Seven hundred and eightyseven, the Meeting being opened, Voted to Send a delegate to meet in Convention to beheld at the State house in Boston on the Second Wensday in January next, Accordingly, Leut. Jonas Temple was Chosen for Said purpose