148. Bristol, Lincoln County, 17 December 1787

Warrant, 3 December

To Nathaniel Thompson one of the Constables of the Town of Bristol Greeting in the Name of this Common welth you are here by Required forthwith to warn and give Publick Notice to all the freeholders and other inhabitents Qualified to Vote in Town affairs to Meet and assemble at the Dwelling House of mr. Richerd Jones on monday the Sevententh Day of December Instent at Ten of the Clock in the forenoon there To act on the following articles

1ly. To Choose a Moderator to Regulate Said meeting

2ly. To hear the Report of the Representitive Consarning the Towns money

3ly. To Choose a proper Person for a Deligate to Represent them in a Convention to Be holden at the State House in Boston on the Second wednsday of Januery Next the Business of which will Bee more fully Explaind at Said meeting By a Resolve of Court which will their Bee Red