158. Concord, Middlesex County, 10 December 1787

158-A. Warrant, 30 November1

To Mr. Peter Wheeler a Constable of the Town of Concord in the county of Middlesex—Greeting—

In the name of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are required, to warn and Give notice to all the freeholders and other Inhabitents of the Town of concord aforesaid that are Qualified by Law to vote in the election of a Representative, that Live in the east ward, in Said Town, that they meet at the Town house in Said Town on monday the tenth day of December next, at one of the clock in the afternoon, for the purposes following—viz—

First To chuse a deligate to Represent the Town of concord in a State convention, appointed to be convened & held at the State house in Boston on the Second wednesday of January next for their assent, and ratification of the constitution proposed for the united States of america, reported by a convention of Said united States

158-B. Town Meeting, 10 December

At a Meeting of the freeholders and other Inhabitents of the Town of concord, at the Town house in Said Town on Monday the tenth day of Decemr. AD 1787, and for conveniency adjourned to the meeting house in Said Town, and there Proceeded as follows—viz

The Selectmen Presiding

Voted that the constitution mentioned in the first article in the warrant for calling the meeting, be read—which was accordingly done

Joseph Hosmer Esqr. was then chosen a diligate to Represent the Town in the Proposed State convention mentioned in Said first Article