160. Coxhall (now Lyman), York County, 5 December 1787

160-A. Warrant, 20 November

to Paul Chadbourn Clark of the Town of Coxhall in the County of York Greeting in the Name of the Commonwelth of the Massachusetts you are [here]by Required to Notifi all the freeholders and other Inhabitants quallified by Law to Vote in Town meeting that thay Asembel themselvs to gether and meet at the House of Capt John Low in Sd Town on Wensday the fifth Day of December Next at one of the Clock in the after Noon then and there—

first to Chouse a moderator for sd meeting

2d to see if the Town will Chouse a Dilagat to Represent our Town in Convention at the Statehouse in Boston on the Second whensday of Janury Nixt

160-B. Town Meeting, 5 December

at a Leagel Town meeting held at Coxhall Decmr the 5: 1787

Voted Capt John Low Moderator of this meting

Voted to Chouse a Dilegate to send to Boston to meet the Convention

Voted Capt John Low a Dilegate to Represent our Town in Convention