163. Danvers, Essex County, 11 December 1787

Warrant, 6 December

To either of the Constables of the Town of Danvers in the County of Essex—Greeting

In the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are hereby required, to warn the Freeholders & other Inhabitants of the Town of Danvers, Lawfully Qualified to Vote in the Election of Representatives (by posting up two Attested copies of this warrant, one at the North Meeting-house, & the other at the South Meeting-house in said Danvers) To assemble in the North Meeting-house in Sd. Danvers, on Tuesday the Eleventh Instant, at one o’Clock P. M.

To see if it be their minds to Elect, one or more persons to represent them, in a Convention to be holden in the State-house in Boston, on the Second Wednesday of Jany. Next. agreeable to a Resolve of the General Court, of the 25th. of October last, Respecting the new propos’d form of Goverment, for the united States.

Also, to see if it be their minds, to Give any Instructions, to the person, or persons they may so Elect.