167. Douglass, Worcester County, 24 December 1787

167-A. Warrant, 16 November

To the Constable or Constables of the Town of Douglass or Either of them Greeting: you or Either of you are hereby Required forthwith to warn and give notice to all the Inhabitants of the Town of Douglass quallified by Law to Vote in the Elections of Representatives that they meet and assemble at the Towns Meeting House in said Douglass on Monday the 3d. Day of Decembr. next at 2 OClock in the afternoon of Sd. Day: for the purpose of Chusing a Deligate to Represent Said Town in the Convention of this Commonwealth which is to meet at the State House in Boston on the Second Wednesday of January next,

167-B. Constable Return, n.d.

In Obediance to the within Warrant I have Notified the freeholders and other Inhabitants quallified by Law to Vote for Representatives by posting a Copy of this Warrant of time and place within mentiond at the Town meeting House in Douglass two Sabath Days before the time herein perfixt

167-C. Town Meeting, 3 December

A[t] a legal Town Meeting held this Day by the Inhabitants of the Town of Douglass, the following Votes ware passed (viz) Voted to Adjurn this meeting three weeks from this Day at one oClock in the after Noon

167-D. Town Meeting, 24 December

Meet according to Adjurnment and passed the following Votes. Voted to Send a Deligate to the Convention mentioned in this warrant, Voted and Chose John Taylor Esqr. as Deligate to Set in Convention of this Commonwealth, on the Second Tuesday in Janry. next at the State House in Boston.