180. Freetown, Bristol County, 10 December 1787

180-A. Warrant, 26 November

To Either of the Constables of freetown you are hereby Required to Notify all the freeholders and Other Inhabitants of freetown That is quallified by Law to Vote in Chuseing Represenatives that They Asemble & Meat at the School House Neare asonet Bridge on The Second Monday of December Nex[t] at ten oClock in the foureNoon In order to Chuse one Deligate or More to Joyn the Convention at The State House in Boston on the Second Wensday in Jan. Next

180-B. Town Meeting, 10 December

Met at time & place Agreable to the above Warrant & open the Meeting By Reading the Warrant then Voted to Send two Deligates then Chose Thomas Durfee Esqr & Mr Richard Borden Deligates to Joyn the Convention At Boston to be held at the State House on the Second Wensday in Janawary