202. Ipswich, Essex County, 3 December 1787

202-A. Warrant, 7 November

To Mager Gould Constable of the Town of Ipswich—Greeting

You are Required in the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to Notify & Warn the Inhabitants of sd. Town Qualified by Law to Vote in the Election of Representitives, to Assemble & Meet at the Town House in sd Ipswich on Tuesday the Twentieth of Novr. Instant at Nine oClock in the fore noon for the purpose of Choosing Deligates to Represent them in Convention to be holden at Boston on the Second Wednesday of Jany Next, to whom the Constitution or Frame of Government proposed for the United States of America will be submited for their Assent and Ratification

202-B. Essex Journal, 21 November1

The town of Ipswich, we hear, chose their Delegates to the convention, yesterday.