203. Kingston, Plymouth County, 17 December 1787

203-A. Warrant, 7 December

To the Constables of the Town of Kingston or Ither of them Greeting—In the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts you are hereby required forthwith to warn the Freeholder and other Inhabitants of the Town of Kingston Quallified by Law to Vote In the Election of a Representitive, that they Assemble themselves together at the Meeting house in said town on Monday the Seventeenth Day of December Instant at two of the Clock in the afternoon—Then and their to Choose a Delegate to Represent them In a Convention Appointd by the General Court to meet at the State house in Boston on the Second Wednesday in Janury Next in order to Take into Considration a Constitution or Frame of Goverment for the United States of america to be then Subsmitted to Said Convention for there Assent & Ratification

203-B. Town Meeting, 17 December

meet agreable to the above warrant & Proceads as Follow viz on amotion made and Seconded and the Question was put whether the Town woud Send any Person to Represent them in Said Convention and It Past in the afirmative

Then the votes Being Brought in they mad Choise of William Sever Jun. Esqr to Represent them