204. Lancaster, Worcester County, 20 November 1787

204-A. Warrant, 5 November

To the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Lancaster Legally Quallified to Vote in Town Affairs and also to those that are Quallified to vote for Representative in the Genl. Court—Greeting

In the Name of the Common Wealth of massachusetts you are hereby required to meet at the meeting House in Said Town on Tuesday the 20th. day of November Instant at 12 o.Clock for the following Purposes

1st. to Choose a Modr. to Govern the meeting—

2d. To Choose a Delegate to represent the Town in the Convention to be holden at Boston on the 2d. Wednesday of Jany. next agreeably to a late resolve of the Genl Court—

204-B. Constable Return, 20 November

I have caused the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of Sd. Town to be warned by posting the above Warrant 14 days—

204-C. Salem Mercury, 4 December

The Hon. John Sprague, Esq. is chosen to represent the town of Lancaster, in the Convention.