212. Loudon (now Otis), Berkshire County, 24 December 1787

Warrant, 4 December

To Isaac Allin Constable of the Town of Lowdon Greeting: These are in the Name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts To will & Require you forthwith to Notify and Warn all the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of Said Loudon Qualified by Law to Vote in Town Meetings that they Assemble and Meet at the House of Benjamin Cook on the fourth Monday of this Instant December being the 24th Day of the Month at one o’clock in the afternoon, to act on the following Articles Namely first to Choose a Moderator to Govern in said Meeting. 2ndly to choose a Delegate in Order to attend a Convention Respecting a New Constitution to be holden at Boston on the second Wednesday of January Next, agreeable to a Resolve of the General Court Held at Boston on the twentieth of October Last Past 3rdly To transact any other Business the Town may think proper when met