213. Lynn and Lynnfield, Essex County, 10 December 1787

213-A. Lynn Warrant, 1 December

The Freeholders and other Inhabitance of the Town of Lynn and destrict of Lynn Field Qualifyed for Voting as the Law directs are hear by Notifyed to attend a Town Meeting at the old Meeting House in the Town of Lynn on Munday the Tenth day of this Instant December at Two O Clock after Noon then and there to Chuse one or more sutable Person or Persons to Meet att the State House in Boston on the Second wednesday in January Next to Represent Them in a Convention of This State to Take in to Considration the Constitution Lately Published By the Convention of the younited States for their assent and Rattification agreable to a Resolve of the General Cort October 20th 1787

213-B. Lynn Town Meeting, 10 December

The Town and destrict met agreable to Notifycation

The folloing persons was Chosen to Represent them in The Convention of this Common welth agreable to a Resolve of the General Cort Viz

John Carnes Esqr of Lynn

Capt John Burnum of Lynnfield